We've tried to anticipate as many of your questions as possible here but please do contact us if we've missed anything you'd like to discuss regarding the Apollo Course - the team are on hand to help and advise you.

The Apollo Course

  • Why is the Apollo Course different to Boot Camps?

    We believe that the key to sustainable lifestyle change is knowledge. Many courses offer a weight loss quick fix but do not explain why being overweight is unhealthy. We will explain the implications of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor diet, pre-diabetes and diabetes and how you can control these factors to help prevent disease.

  • Will the course help me lose weight and feel fantastic?

    The course is unique in that it uses a range of evidence based techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy, outdoor activities and medical education to help you achieve realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve your long term physical and mental health.

  • How long is the Apollo Course?

    The Apollo Course runs for five days,
    from Monday to Friday.

  • What age range and fitness level?

    While the course is primarily aimed at people aged 40 and over, we do not set an age limit on participants. The benefits of health and nutrition education, exercise and stress reduction techniques will benefit adults of all ages. To get the most out of the course you should be able to complete a five mile walk including a few hills. If you feel this is a bit much for you please contact us to discuss the options available.

  • Same sex or mixed groups?

    The Apollo Course is for men and women and is run in mixed groups. However, there are always female members of staff in attendance, day and night. There is also a female only accommodation wing.

  • Do you teach a change to a healthier lifestyle?

    We will help you identify and remove barriers to a healthy lifestyle. We will give you the knowledge that will help you understand what causes certain diseases, enable you to eat healthily and set and maintain realistic exercise goals.

  • Do you follow up after the course?

    Absolutely. We want to know that you're continuing to put all we've shared with you to effective use to help improve your physical and mental health. To keep you on track we ask that you visit your GP for a follow-up. This strictly anonymous data also helps us to improve the Apollo Course for future guests.

The Apollo Team

  • What experience does your team have?

    Although the Apollo Course is a brand new and unique concept, the highly qualified and experienced team delivering it have been working together for over a decade on health, weight loss and fitness related programmes across Europe.

  • Do you have male and female instructors?

    The Apollo Course is run in mixed sex groups with a mix of male and female instructors. Female guests will have access to a female PT instructor at all times.

  • Will the team be tough on me?

    We put the emphasis on fun and education to help you change your lifestyle. Our team will support and encourage you throughout your time with us.

Where and When

  • Where does the course take place?

    The Apollo Course takes place within the beautiful Peak District in Derbyshire. It's a residential course based at a unique location for five days from Monday to Friday.

  • When is the next course?

About You

  • Will I be starved?

    No. You will receive a varied diet which is fresh and healthy with moderate portion sizes. All our meals are prepared by our chef who specialises in weight loss and nutrition.

  • Will I be forced to do difficult or frightening things?

    Absolutely not. There may be times when you are tired or challenged in terms of physical or mental endurance, but the staff are on hand to be supportive and encouraging at all times. The Apollo Course is a positive experience.

  • Will I enjoy it?

    We certainly think so. This is not a ‘boot camp’ and you will not be shouted at by instructors in camouflage! The course is a mixture of indoor and outdoor teaching sessions, moderate physical activity and adventurous activities such as hill walking and rock climbing. You do not have to participate in any activities that you are not comfortable with.

  • What clothing / equipment will I need?

    Essentially you will need suitable clothing for physical training/exercise, walking and outdoor activities and classroom sessions. A suggested kit list is issued after booking is confirmed. Staff are always on hand to make sure you are warm and comfortable.

  • Can you help me reverse Pre-diabetes?

    Yes. The combined effects of weight loss, gaining in fitness and making positive changes to diet and blood pressure for example, all help to greatly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

  • Can I be sure the course will work for ME?

    Included in the course is a comprehensive consultation with a doctor and a dietician. This will include a discussion of your diet and lifestyle, blood tests for cholesterol and blood sugar, height, weight, BMI and blood pressure measurements. This consultation will enable us to assess your individual risk factors and to create a personalised plan to minimise your risk of preventable disease.

  • Will the course help me drop a dress size?

    Weight loss is not the primary goal of The Apollo Course. However the combination of exercise, a calorie controlled and balanced diet mean most attendees will lose weight. If weight loss is a particular aim please contact us so we can accommodate this in an achievable manner.

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